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Our dedicated team of professionals has more than a decade of combined experience and possess time-tested knowledge of high-quality materials, as well as use installation techniques that have been developed over decades.

About Welton Living

Welton Living is one of the most unique garage floor and cabinet installation companies in the DFW area. Because we have a time tested knowledge of high-quality materials and use installation techniques that have been developed over decades.

Time Tested Methods with a Technology Driven Approach

While our installation methods may be old school, time tested and common sense based, our operational workflow could not be more modern. Welton Living uses a cloud-based, technologically-focused approach to office management and customer service, meaning we’re dedicated to merging both quality products and efficient practices to bring you a product you can rely on.

What Makes Welton Living Different?

WeltonLiving Stands out because we package Epoxy Coating and Custom Garage Cabinets; its a turnkey service that makes your garage match the rest your lifestyle. It is not common to see those two service provided together by the same installation company. However, because we are connected to a larger chain of home maintenance service providers, we can provide both services at the same time, thus ensuring a maximization of all your garage space, from top to bottom.

At Welton Living, our credo is simple. We strive to provide world class service by delivering homeowners a new look they can be proud of at every glance. If you need quality epoxy coating for your garage floor or new garage cabinets, contact us today and we’ll gladly answer any questions you may have.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll immediately return your inquiry via e-mail or phone call.


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